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Prime Minister's vision to “Sahakar-se-Samriddhi”

Shri Narendra Modi

Hon’ble Prime Minister

and private businesses cannot by  themselves take the Make In India scheme to the heights it aims to attain, in this era of intense competition from global industries with heavy capital. India needs the cooperative sector to play a part in this, and also in making India a USD 5 trillion global economy. In regards to strengthening cooperatives and SMEs, PM Modi said that the GeM portal had brought transparency, efficiency and low costs in the public procurement process. The strength of cooperatives, especially women working in them, can be seen through how Lijjat Papad and Amul have become globally renowned brands,” Prime Minister further said. With this objective, Government created the new Ministry of Cooperation to provide a separate administrative, legal and policy framework for encouraging cooperative based economic model in the country. India has a room for successful cooperative movement in this sector.

Shri Amit Shah

Hon’ble Home & Cooperation Minister

Shri Amit Shah said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given new momentum and long life to the cooperative movement by creating a separate ‘Ministry of Cooperation’ in the country. He said that out of 30 lakh cooperatives in the whole world, 9 lakh cooperatives are in India only. About 91 percent of India’s population is linked to a cooperative in one way or another, with cooperatives covering 70 percent of the country’s farmers through PACS. He said that there are 33 state level cooperative banks, 363 district level cooperative banks and 63,000 PACS in the country. Shri Shah said that today 19 percent of our agriculture finance is done through cooperative societies. 35 percent fertilizer distribution, 30 percent fertilizer production, 40 percent sugar production, 13 percent procurement of wheat and 20 percent of paddy procurement is done by cooperatives only.

Who We Are

Welcome To Bharatiya Beej Sahakari Samiti

Bharatiya Beej Sahakari Samiti

The organization  is set up with the approval of Union Government and registered under Multi State Cooperative Societies Act 2002 on the 25th day of January 2023 is hereby conferred status of National Cooperative Society (hereinafter referred as the society). BBSS is jointly promoted by Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), KrishakBharati Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO), National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited (NAFED), National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) as promoter members and among them, KRIBHCO is the Chief Promoter of this society.


Board of Directors

Sh. Yogendra Kumar

Chairman, BBSSL

Marketing Director, IFFCO

Dr. Chandra Pal Singh

Board of Directors, BBSSL

Chairman, KRIBHCO

Dr. Bijender

Board of Directors, BBSSL

Chairman, NAFED

Sh. Meenesh

Board of Directors, BBSSL

Chairman, NDDB

Sh. Pankaj Kumar Bansal

Board of Directors, BBSSL


Message from Chief Executive

Dr. Haribhan Singh,

Chief Executive (O.)

Embodying the essence of cooperation that resonates deeply within Indian society, the establishment of Bharatiya Beej Sahakari Samiti marks a momentous milestone in the cooperative movement driving the New India’s growth story.
For centuries, India’s rural development model has enabled and nurtured the spirit of cooperation. From time to time, Lawmakers have been setting up various policies and standards to uphold this very spirit in alignment with the country’s political system and needs. On the same note, Bharatiya Beej Sahakari Samiti was established on 25th Jan 2023, which will be jointly promoted by Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO), Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited (NAFED), National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) as promoter members and among them, KRIBHCO will act as the Chief Promoter of the society. It will be an enabling organisation in realization of Honourable PM’s aspiration of “Sahakarita se Smariddhi”.
With unwavering dedication, BBSSL will work to fulfil the vision of the Honourable Home and Cooperative Minister Shri Amit Shah ji. The mantra of “Sahakarita se Smariddhi” is firmly entrenched in Indian culture, and the Society will embody this principle to the fullest. Let us remain steadfast in our pursuit and together with immense faith and determination, we will keep the flames of cooperation aflame, forever.

Our Emphasis

Empowering Cooperative Revolution


Drive revenue in right direction

Supply Chain

Comprehensive supply chain to market


Promote business


Availability of loans and other benefits at village level

Our Focus

Major Crops

Benefits With Us

Role of Cooperatives in Quality Seeds

Central Government has given thumbs up to create Multi State Seed Cooperative Society

Cooperatives can create the right system for the conservation of Indian traditional natural seeds

The direct contribution of quality of seeds to the total production is around 15-20%, with which efficient management of other inputs, cooperative seed societies were formed to increase it to 45%

The use of traditional varieties of seeds along with the saved seeds in the field leads to a decrease in crop production, so the only solution is to use quality seeds.

There are 8.54 lakh registered cooperative societies in the country with more than 29 crore members. Formation of society to operate them.

Production through cooperatives, expansion of advanced testing facility and seed variety testing can be helpful in narrowing the yield gap.


Our Gallery


You can check the available jobs and apply online through https://sahakarbeej.in/careers/ or call on 011-41010101

This society will work to provide many benefits to the farmers across the country along with providing high quality seeds. This society will work to increase productivity in agriculture. The direct contribution of quality seeds to the production in the country is approx 15-20%, which can be increased to 45% with efficient management of other inputs. 

You can register download the form from https://sahakarbeej.in/membership/  and submit the filled form signed and stamped to your nearest cooperative  Or for more information you may contact 011-42020202